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Yoga and Astrology

27th April 2024
10am – 4-30pm
Refreshments included.

Join Vicky and Jackie for a day of Yoga and Astrology under the light of the Sagittarius Moon. The sign of the Moon (Cancer) rises over the horizon as we start our day, and the Moon links with Planets of higher knowledge, spiritual philosophies (Jupiter), and Astrology (Uranus), making this the perfect day for nurturing our body, mind and spirit connection through our Yoga practise, and for developing a way of living “in tune” with the Moons energy that can soon become a daily routine.
Vicky will guide us through a morning Yoga practise in relation to the energy of the moon. After lunch Jackie will teach us how to work with the Moon, tracking her cycles and phases, and using them in planning our daily activities.

Sound Bath Evening Anita Howarth_Page_1_Image_0001


with Himalayan Singing Bowls
10th May 2024
including Refreshments

Immerse yourself in the ancient healing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls. The gentle, therapeutic sounds induce a deep state of relaxation, lowering blood pressure, and promote a state of meditative tranquillity. The gentle vibrations flow through the body, encouraging the body’s natural healing, helping you to unwind and connect with your inner self. 

Join Anita for some gentle yoga, easing into an hour of sound bath integrated with yoga nidra, followed by refreshments. Enjoy a myriad of health benefits, including; reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced focus and mental clarity, diminished tension and fatigue, improved mood, better sleep and elevated spiritual well-being. This deeply relaxing experience is designed to calm your body and mind, encouraging self-healing and emotional release in a safe environment. 



We will be posting details about our future 2024 Workshops soon.


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