“The difference that Vicky has made in my life through her Ayurvedic consultation and ongoing support cannot really be overstated. From the very beginning, the care she took of me was phenomenal; professional, compassionate, thorough and deeply knowledgable. The consultation process was amazing, filled deeply with care and insightful, relevant questions. The changes I was advised to take were easy to put into practice and exciting to engage with, and even within a week I saw a huge difference. The biggest changes have been my energy levels, brighter skin, steadier mood, reduced menstrual symptoms and just generally feeling more like “me”. In truth, I hadn’t really realised how close to burn out I actually was. And I sincerely believe that it was Vicky’s intervention which has helped to keep me from going over the verge into physical and mental crisis that would’ve taken far more serious help. For that I am so deeply grateful”

“Having only just 2 months of Ayurvedic treatment and care with Vicky to help many symptoms of Polycythemia. I had to let Vicky know that today I had my quarterly oncology review and my bloods are really good! Thank you so much, it can only be your treatment. I have so much more energy. I am sleeping better ad my joint and muscle pain has reduced immensely.”

“Vicky got to know my personal health, habits and history in a kind and open way. After a pulse and tongue diagnosis she told me my Constitution and Dosha based on our conversation and her observations and that’s when it got really interesting ! Vicky’s inherent knowledge of Ayurveda is deep, and if there was something I needed explaining she was more than happy. We started by making some small changes to my routine which made the biggest difference for my chronic pain condition and I am now on the path to getting better. It’s made me look at how I treat myself in a more wholesome way and I feel like I’m on track to reclaiming my health and vitality back. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first booked the consultation but the more I find out about Ayurveda the more it makes sense to me. It all begins with knowing yourself and that initial consultation.
Thank so much Vicky for all your support”
C xxx

“From the moment I met Vicky and started my journey, she has supported me with tips and tactics for everything from daily regimes to breathing techniques and eating plans. Historically I never had to worry about my weight as I was a gymnast but from my early 30s I noticed a steady weight gain. Having tried a variety of eating plans, what I like about Ayurveda is the holistic and healthy approach. I feel like I am working with my body to give it what it needs and rid it of toxins and I am starting to see some positive results. Vicky spent lots of time establishing what I should enjoy and what I should try to avoid and her calm and friendly manner ensures I never feel ashamed when I have a little too much of what I should be avoiding! Since Vicky is already a well-respected yoga teacher, her yoga instruction has also been welcomed. My life is incredibly hectic with a business to run, a renovation project in hand and two children to ferry around but, I have found I can fit in Ayurveda as the support I receive from Vicky calms me and keeps me motivated.”

“I found the consultation process really interesting. Vicky led with a structured series of questions, making notes throughout. She used additional probing questions to really ensure my answers were very specific. This felt like a cathartic, useful process in itself – the chance to reflect about myself and my health (bot physical and emotional) in a very holistic way, which I don’t think I’ve done for a long time. This enabled me to identify some issues myself as we went along, times when I’m really not helping myself. I found the tongue and pulse analyses fascinating, adding to the evidence base that Vicky had already established. It was helpful to get some initial small improvements I could make to improve the conditions identified and Vicky explained everything in a clear way that I could understand, without a deep understanding of Ayurveda myself. When I received the plan and dietary information, I found this clear and easy to follow. I liked having a couple of short follow-up sessions in order to ask questions and refine my understanding further. Vicky carefully added layers of understanding, without making me feel overwhelmed with information. She was very sensitive to my financial situation.”

Max’s Feed back on behalf of his Mother
“Victoria provided a consultation and follow ups for my disabled son Max. Max suffers with a rare Chromosome Deletion that, among other difficulties, causes severe constipation. The Ayurvedic Consultation was to assist with this condition. Vicky had a wonderful calm and confident manner with Max, put him at ease and was able to carry out the pulse and tongue checks she needed as well as completing the questions with myself. Her Ayurvedic assessment of Max Prakriti and Vikriti provided a dietary plan to follow including drinking warm water first thing in the morning, tongue scraping, taking capsules of Triphala and introducing Chyawanprash. She offered advice and direction on foods to incorporate and alternatives to Max favourite foods (i.e. changing his white potato mash to sweet potato mash). I have not managed to incorporate all the necessary dietary changes, capsules or massage recommended and have had to adapt adding capsules to foods, but this is only due to Max medical condition, however, there has been significant improvement with regard to his constipation. Victoria was caring and calm with Max, able to offer an understandable plan to follow and provide the products needed to carry out her advice. She was knowledgeable, offering advice on foods changes directly applicable to Max needs and is definitely someone I would like to continue to work with to improve my son’s wellbeing. An informative, interesting and successful consultation and follow-up, carried out professionally.” 
Tracy Barnet (for and on behalf of Max Barnet)


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